Omnivore (senatr7) wrote in parlidebate,

NPDA Nats Topics

2002 NPDA National Championship Tournament
Denver, Colorado
Rd 1: Parents should remove televisions from their homes.
Rd. 2: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an instrument of Western Imperialism
Rd. 3: A free homeland is better than a secure homeland
Rd. 4: Separation of church and state is sinful.
Rd. 5: Open societies require open borders.
Rd. 6: Morality should be judged primarily by motive.
Rd. 7: Feminism is not a girl, not yet a woman.
Rd. 8: Violence in defense of the earth is justified.
Rd. of 128: This court supports McCain-Feingold (Partial Quad-OctaFinals)
Rd. of 64: 2002=1984 (Triple Octa-Finals)
Rd. of 32: This House should shift the balance between employer and employee(Double Octa-Finals)
Sweet 16: This dual-income household has diminished the quality of life (Octa-Finals)
Elite 8: The blood of New York City is on Adam Smith's invisible hand (Quarter-Finals)
Final Four: The capital of the Palestinian state should be in Jersualem. (Semi-Finals)
Final Round: US Patriotism is no better than Islamic fundamentalism (Championship)
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