Omnivore (senatr7) wrote in parlidebate,

Indiana St. Championships

Or as I call it the Notre Dame Classic at Ball State. Why do these schools think they can come in, flood the field and then at the end of the year try to lay claim to being "national champions", when it's obvious that while their debaters are good, they're hardly facing adaquate competition. But, I'm not sure that I'd do anything different as a coach. I wouldn't now, because I understand the implications of it, but before...I might have felt differently.

The National Sweepstakes of Parliamentary Debate ranking system will begin starting in the fall of 2002. The rankings will take into account tournament strength during the season to ensure that teams don't get rewarded for beating up on teams that are clearly in different caliber.

Also, there will be All-America teams that will come from each region voted on by coaches and debaters of the parli community. This might happen this year, actually because I'm considering a test run of it.
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